“All our partners and colleagues were very positive about them. JazzWerk has really contributed to the success of our event.”


Event committee; Law firm

“Fresh young guys who really act profession. The communication upfront as well as the performance on the event was great. Everything went very smoot.”

Event committee; big four accounting office

“JazzWerk was really thinking along with us on what to do with the entertainment. They gave us some useful tips that we could discuss with the venue, which were very helpful.”


Event organizational team; Orangerie Den Bosch

“The musicians were good looking and they adapted their volume perfectly such that we could still do conversations with our colleagues.”


Company event committee; Consulting firm

“Jazzwerk was well prepared: great instruments, professional equipment and suits. Everything worked out very nicely!”


Event team; Dutch Visbureau.”

Organizing a business event?

We understand business events

Our members are music professionals and also well acquainted with the business sector. We therefore understand the dynamics of business events and what is necessary to make your event successful.

Completely self-supporting

JazzWerk has their own professional equipment & instruments. Just one power supply from a local power socket and some square meters on the floor are sufficient for us to perform.

Single point of contact

Not a big corporate that requires you to speak with many people. We always offer a single contactperson who is also the pianist in our band, and will monitor whether everything goes as agreed.

JazzWerk at your event

JazzWerk can serve you in many different ways.
Here are some suggestions:

Business reception

Pianist               Upright bass


Jazz drummer

Smooth jazz trio

The real class of live jazz, without dominating your event. A well running trio formation which flourishes up your business event to make it extra memorable.

Business drinks

 Pianist              Upright bass


Jazz drummer      Saxophonist

Classic Jazz Quartet

The classic jazz formation known from old masters like Dave Brubeck; the music will stay on acceptable volume but with a gradual build-up it can move to an intense show if desired.

Business dinner

Pianist        Bass           Drummer

Saxophonist   Vocalist


The Full-House formation will perform an intense show. Female singer and saxophonist will alternate and your event ends with a swinging party!

our References

“Some organizations we have served so far”

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